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Nov 24 2015 - 7:00pm
Tuesday Evening Women's Bible Study | Women's Ministry



Will kick off the week of September 27th and will meet weekly at The Ministry... more

Nov 25 2015 - 9:30am
Wednesday Morning Women's Bible Study | Women's Ministry

Fall Women's Bible Study will kick off the week of September 27th and will meet weekly at The... more

Nov 26 2015 - 9:00am
Alive and Active Senior Men | Men's Ministry

A group for men 55+ to build community together.
Thursdays at 9:00AM at Bobs Big  Boy
... more

Nov 26 2015 - 7:00pm
Dodge Lodge | Men's Ministry

Meets Thursday nights, starting October 1, at 7PM in Redlands. We are working through the book... more

Nov 29 2015 - 10:00am
The Lounge Cafe | Student Church 6th-12th Grade

Sanctuary Student Church is proud to introduce {The Lounge Cafe}. A gathering place for 9th-12th... more

Nov 29 2015 - 10:00am
The Edge | Student Church 6th-12th Grade

We have 6th-8th grade student church with in depth bible teaching and intimate small groups. Our... more

Nov 30 2015 - 6:00pm
Pointman | Men's Ministry

POINTMAN: Meets the 2nd and 4th Monday nights from 6:00 – 7:30 at Bob's Big Boy conference room... more

Dec 1 2015 - 7:00pm
Tuesday Evening Women's Bible Study | Women's Ministry



Will kick off the week of September 27th and will meet weekly at The Ministry... more

Dec 2 2015 - 9:30am
Wednesday Morning Women's Bible Study | Women's Ministry

Fall Women's Bible Study will kick off the week of September 27th and will meet weekly at The... more

Dec 2 2015 - 6:30pm
Ignite | Student Church 6th-12th Grade

Wednesday nights are an absolute AWESOME time for all students 7th-12th grade. It consists of a... more

Dec 3 2015 - 9:00am
Alive and Active Senior Men | Men's Ministry

A group for men 55+ to build community together.
Thursdays at 9:00AM at Bobs Big  Boy
... more

Dec 3 2015 - 7:00pm
Dodge Lodge | Men's Ministry

Meets Thursday nights, starting October 1, at 7PM in Redlands. We are working through the book... more

Jan 10 2016
Starting Point | Sunday Church Service

Whether you are new to Sanctuary, or have been attending for some time and are just looking to... more

Jan 29 2016
Refreshing Your Marriage Conference | Couples' Ministry


The REFRESHING YOUR MARRIAGE conference offers a yearly tune-up for your relationship.... more


Tuesday, Nov 24 2015 | InFaith

This week I was on an airplane flying from the West Coast to work in Philadelphia. I was upgraded to first-class, which happens at no charge when you fly as much as I do. I was in seat 4A, which... more

Wednesday, Nov 18 2015 | InFaith

One amazing sentence in Scripture comes from Luke 11:1 where it says, “One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us... more

Friday, Nov 13 2015 | InFaith

In this post from 2013, Ridge reflected on 2 Corinthians 4. How can we keep our eyes on that which is unseen rather than focus on the difficulties in the world around us?

This morning I was... more

Tuesday, Nov 10 2015 | InFaith

In this post from 2013, Ridge looked at the work Dietrich Bonhoeffer did to make change in a horrible time, and how our field staff strive to speak out in our own difficult world. How can you find... more

Wednesday, Nov 4 2015 | InFaith

In this post from 2013, Ridge uncovered the importance of the heart as described in Proverbs 4. How do we guard our hearts?

There’s a lot of debate about what the center of being is... more

Friday, Oct 30 2015 | InFaith

“Reach Local” is an initiative from our mission. We desire that people learn what it means to reach their local communities. So let me help you. We want you to reach: to make a... more

Tuesday, Oct 27 2015 | InFaith

Recently I was in an elders meeting at our church where we traditionally have dinner together, talk about the business of the church, and pray about those matters as we work through the agenda.... more

Wednesday, Oct 21 2015 | InFaith

I have discovered in recent days that words are the way to my heart. I cherish words that are given to me. Words are big to Ridge Burns! So I am careful with how I need to talk to people. I need... more

Wednesday, Oct 14 2015 | InFaith

There have been times in my life when I’ve experienced and witnessed generosity that’s powerful. I remember going on a mission trip to a little church in Mexico. The people had so... more

Friday, Oct 9 2015 | InFaith

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know that the last blog I wrote was about expectations – how when we expect things, God seems to honor those expectations and work. But... more

Tuesday, Oct 6 2015 | InFaith

This week I went to a conference for four nights in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was a hassle to get there – a two-hour drive after working all day, lots of crowds, and hard to find a... more

Friday, Oct 2 2015 | InFaith

When you think about what God wants us to do, you have to look very close to where you live. He wants you to reach into people’s lives through prayer, through helps through mercy, through... more

Tuesday, Sep 29 2015 | InFaith

I have some really amazing friends whose names are Donald and Marlis Shambling. they are both in their eighties and they are on-fire Christians. What I love about Donald and Marlis is that they... more

Friday, Sep 25 2015 | InFaith

If only you, God, would slay the wicked!      Away from me, you who are bloodthirsty! They speak of you with evil intent;      your adversaries misuse your name. Do I not hate those who hate you... more

Tuesday, Sep 22 2015 | InFaith

For you created my inmost being;      you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;      your works are wonderful,      I know that... more

Saturday, Sep 19 2015 | InFaith

Where can I go from your Spirit?      Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there;      if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of... more

Wednesday, Sep 16 2015 | InFaith

You have searched me, Lord,      and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise;      you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my living down;      you are familiar... more

Friday, Sep 11 2015 | InFaith

Philippians 3:14 says, “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” I am addicted to reaching goals. If there’s one thing... more

Tuesday, Sep 8 2015 | InFaith

If you follow my blog you’ll know that we have moved our InFaith Home Office this week. For almost the last fifty years, we’ve been located in a huge mansion in Villanova. It was... more

Friday, Sep 4 2015 | InFaith

This Fathers’ Day, RobAnne and our kids made me a picture book of all the things we’ve done as father and son, father and daughter, and even as a son with my father, so there are three... more

Tuesday, Sep 1 2015 | InFaith

Every once in a while, we run into a leader, an organization, or a ministry that just moves too fast. It keeps throwing out new ideas, throwing out new dreams, and putting new things in place, but... more

Friday, Aug 28 2015 | InFaith

One of the playlists I have on my iPhone is classical music, and every once in a while I put it on. I find it relaxing, and I find myself being inspired by some of the great melodies that have... more

Tuesday, Aug 25 2015 | InFaith

We’re moving our Home Office. We will move this week, and we have done a fair amount of construction in our new offices. This morning, I have great joy because it’s all coming together... more

Friday, Aug 21 2015 | InFaith

Because we are moving and someone on our field staff really wanted to take some of our stuff and use it for a yard sale that would help people get to the mission field, my office is almost bare... more

Tuesday, Aug 18 2015 | InFaith

If you follow my blog, you know that we are moving our office about twenty-four miles to the west, to Exton, Pennsylvania. We’re doing so because we’re automating some of our systems... more

Friday, Aug 14 2015 | InFaith

We’ve been going through the archives of the mission to make sure we save anything of historical value, and I ran across this letter dated July 18, 1900. It read:

Dear Sir: You will... more

Tuesday, Aug 11 2015 | InFaith

It was my wife’s birthday on Friday, and we got away for part of the weekend. We spent the night at a great hotel in Lancaster, ate at some great restaurants, and enjoyed walking together.... more

Tuesday, Aug 4 2015 | InFaith

In this post from 2014, Ridge urged us to form a personal battle cry. What is your battle cry, and how can it allow you to make a difference in your community?

Isaiah 42:3 reads, “The... more

Wednesday, Jul 29 2015 | InFaith

We’ve been really concentrating on the theme of reaching locally – looking at what’s right in front of us – not overseas, not another country, not another city – what... more

Friday, Jul 24 2015 | InFaith

If you read my blog regularly you know that we are moving our Home Office from Villanova to Exton, Pennsylvania – about twenty-three miles away. We’ve purchased a really cool office... more

Tuesday, Jul 21 2015 | InFaith

When Jesus was taken up to heaven, He said to the disciples, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and... more

Friday, Jul 17 2015 | InFaith

Recently while talking to a friend we contemplated this question: If we had to draw or construct something that would represent God, what would we do? What would it look like? What is our concept... more

Tuesday, Jul 14 2015 | InFaith

I work in Philadelphia, live in Southern California and travel back and forth each month for an extended stay. I’ve been doing this for almost eight years now. I’ve learned how to cope... more

Friday, Jul 10 2015 | InFaith

Take a look at this photo – it looks ridiculous, doesn’t it – a guy carrying golf clubs with his hands raised to heaven. But it is a symbol of something that I really enjoy: I... more

Tuesday, Jul 7 2015 | InFaith

1 Corinthians 12 is all about spiritual gifts. It ends with the idea that the body has many parts that all work together – that we’re better together than we are apart. God brings... more

Friday, Jul 3 2015 | InFaith

I am amazed how many times in the Old and New Testament you hear these phrases: “God told me. God led me. God directed me. God moved me.” There is a sense that the characters in the... more

Friday, Jun 26 2015 | InFaith

Our church, Sanctuary Church in California, is doing a series called Reset: reset our thinking, reset our generosity, reset our serving. The idea is to evaluate what we’re doing in those... more

Tuesday, Jun 23 2015 | InFaith

The other day I was so intent on working that I forgot to eat anything all day. By 9:00pm, I was starved. All I wanted was a Five Guys’ burger, french fries, and a Coke. I was so driven to... more

Friday, Jun 19 2015 | InFaith

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what influences me. The media has a huge influence – there are things I want to buy because I see pictures of them or hear a story about them as I... more

Tuesday, Jun 16 2015 | InFaith

I had a really enjoyable experience at about 2:30 in the morning the last night I was in England. I had rented a car and gone up near Scotland to play golf. After coming back and parking at... more

Friday, Jun 12 2015 | InFaith

Last night it was so beautiful here in England. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The sun was going down. The green hills were covered in sheep and blooming yellow gorse. I was driving down a small... more

Tuesday, Jun 9 2015 | InFaith

Now before you think that we’ve gotten so wealthy at the mission that we’ve hired a personal butler for Ridge, let me explain. I’m at Capernwray Hall in England speaking for a week to about... more

Friday, Jun 5 2015 | InFaith

Last week I was in California doing church work, home repair, and being with my wife, RobAnne. It was a wonderful week. It was a week where I got a lot accomplished. When I travel, things pile up... more

Tuesday, Jun 2 2015 | InFaith

I have developed a bad habit of locking on to a couple of worship songs and singing them internally over and over again all day. No sound comes out of my mouth, but I just enjoy singing these... more

Tuesday, May 26 2015 | InFaith

There are a couple of situations in my life right now that have caused me to have a critical spirit. I feel like the people who are involved in this can do no good. They’re good people. They love... more

Friday, May 22 2015 | InFaith

I was recently at a conference where a person said, “Fifty percent of everything the church does, they could do on their own. They don’t need God.” We strive to create the right environment. That’... more

Tuesday, May 19 2015 | InFaith

Our family loves flags. We like to put them up on our house – we think it’s really cool. On the day that our kids were born, RobAnne made a flag with their name on it – it’s their birthday flag.... more

Friday, May 15 2015 | InFaith

Recently I’ve been reading a devotional book that talks about our perspective and how many Christians today focus on the problems of the world: the pain, issues, hunger, hurt, earthquakes, and... more

Tuesday, May 12 2015 | InFaith

In the last couple of weeks I’ve gone to several churches whose buildings are steel structures that are not well planned out and are very utilitarian. They have hanging wires, things that are out... more

Friday, May 8 2015 | meshasmith

Have you ever felt like the Lord woke you up at night to talk to you? That happened to me last night, shortly after 3am. I had been to a powerful conference about revival and I believe God woke me... more

Tuesday, May 5 2015 | meshasmith

I think we’ve all been sick and had to go to an urgent care facility to find anything but urgent care: waiting for hours, standing in line, sitting with sick people, then sitting in a small exam... more

Friday, May 1 2015 | meshasmith

I was reading in 2 Corinthians 12 today where Paul is expressing some concerns for the Corinthians and how they felt towards people in ministry and the apostles. And he asks this question, “Did we... more

Tuesday, Apr 28 2015 | meshasmith

One of the things that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the last few months of my life is a renewed sense of wanting to pray – of really talking to God, listening to God, experiencing his Spirit working... more

Friday, Apr 24 2015 | meshasmith

I spent the last six or seven days sick. I had bronchitis. It was no fun. Not feeling like I could significantly contribute to anything around me. Not feeling like I was thinking straight –... more

Friday, Apr 17 2015 | meshasmith

Psalm 51:12 says, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation” (NIV). We all know that verse because we’ve sung the song. It’s a familiar verse. But the second part of the verse is interesting. It... more

Tuesday, Apr 14 2015 | meshasmith

I try not to be too personal in my blogs, but I am going to break that rule this morning. I have been married forty-one years to RobAnne Burns. RobAnne chose me forty-one years ago and has given... more

Friday, Apr 10 2015 | meshasmith

I spent Easter at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois – a phenomenal Anglican church that really builds the Kingdom. In the great Easter Vigil, which takes place on Saturday before... more

Tuesday, Apr 7 2015 | meshasmith

Can I just tell you how much I enjoy life right now? I love my wife. We’ve enjoyed being together and praying together. I’ve spent a little bit more time home this month from my travels and we’ve... more

Saturday, Apr 4 2015 | meshasmith

I’ve been really energized by praying recently. I’ve had long sessions of prayer that basically fall into three categories. I’ve done praying alone. I start with worship music, then close my eyes... more

Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 | meshasmith

Today is a beautiful day in Philadelphia. It’s almost 70 degrees. Now I know for you Californians that’s no big deal. But when you’ve gone through sub-freezing temperatures, mountains of snow, and... more

Friday, Mar 27 2015 | InFaith

2 Corinthians 3:17 says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (NIV). Freedom from what? Freedom from worry and freedom from the responsibility of... more

Thursday, Mar 26 2015 | rodsblog

Mentoring has been a big deal for me for most of my life.

I have sought out the best mentors I can find and count it an honor to mentor others. On Wed. of this week I was with my mentor... more

Tuesday, Mar 24 2015 | InFaith

We’ve all had to host parties or meetings. We make people comfortable, we welcome them, we provide water or snacks, we create a welcoming environment in the room, and we spend lots of effort... more

Friday, Mar 20 2015 | InFaith

I’ve been reading a lot in 2 Corinthians lately and ran across a verse I believe I’ve blogged about before, but it hit me again. It’s 2 Corinthians 2:14 – “Thanks be to God, who always leads us as... more

Tuesday, Mar 17 2015 | InFaith

I’ve spent a lot of time in Philadelphia this past month, and if you’ve been watching the news or hearing about the weather, it’s been pretty miserable. It’s bitterly cold with lots of snow and... more

Friday, Mar 13 2015 | InFaith

Each year, we do a national conference called Refresh. Many from our field staff come to this conference, and we just minister to them. We have great recreation, great food, speakers who can teach... more

Tuesday, Mar 10 2015 | InFaith

Psalm 103:1-5 (NIV, 1984) reads:

Praise the LORD, O my soul;

all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the LORD, O my soul,

and forget not all his benefits—... more

Saturday, Mar 7 2015 | InFaith

RobAnne and I are experiencing some of the effects of aging – a little loss of memory, aches and pains in the morning, a bit less energy, hair turning gray, and more difficulty in shaking the... more

Wednesday, Mar 4 2015 | InFaith

In 2 Corinthians 3:17 it says this: “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (NIV).

Freedom is a marvelous thing. We take it for granted here in... more

Tuesday, Feb 24 2015 | InFaith

This week I’ve been spending some time with the leaders in the school where I’m speaking and at our church, and if there is a common thread among any problems with the church, the school, and our... more

Friday, Feb 20 2015 | InFaith

I’m at Bodenseehof Bible School in Germany, and Robert is the head cook. Waldemar takes care of the buildings and maintenance. I got to spend an hour with them this week, and they are on fire for... more

Saturday, Feb 14 2015 | InFaith

Psalm 29:3 says, “The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters” (NIV). I’ve been thinking about that middle line: The God of glory... more

Wednesday, Feb 11 2015 | InFaith

Anybody who watched this year’s Super Bowl saw Pete Carroll make a tough decision that cost the Seahawks the game. He passed the ball instead of taking an almost sure run, hoping that the element... more

Friday, Feb 6 2015 | InFaith

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’ve been going through a growth spurt. The net result of that growth spurt is intimacy – intimacy with God. I am not ashamed of anything.

As... more

Tuesday, Feb 3 2015 | InFaith

I have been a Christian for at least fifty years. The reason I say “at least” is I grew up in an environment where we went forward a lot. We made commitments to Christ and recommitted to Christ... more

Friday, Jan 30 2015 | rodsblog

Super Bowl Weekend has arrived. As the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots are making their final preparations for the 49′th Superbowl this Sunday, the Sanctuary team is also making... more

Friday, Jan 30 2015 | InFaith

In 2 Peter 1:10, I love this guarantee from God: “As long as you practice these things, you will never stumble” (NASB). It’s guaranteed – money back, no questions asked –guaranteed that you will... more

Tuesday, Jan 27 2015 | InFaith

Friday night I got to go to the grand opening of Theater 7000. It’s a ministry that works with urban kids to use their theatrical abilities to share the gospel. The performance is done in a dome,... more

Tuesday, Jan 20 2015 | InFaith

I’ve recently talked with two people who have been called into vocational ministry. The first is a very well read man. He has served as a chaplain in the armed services and pastor of a church, and... more

Friday, Jan 16 2015 | InFaith

I was reading a book recently in which the author simply talked about how much of his Christian life was about discipline – studying the Word, forcing himself to pray each day, knowing how to... more

Saturday, Jan 10 2015 | rodsblog

For anybody ready for CHANGE to happen in your life, real and lasting change, THIS SUNDAY we are presenting a message on:


If you... more

Saturday, Jan 10 2015 | InFaith

The last Sunday of every year at our church, we have a time when there’s an open mic and people can share what God has been doing in their lives. It’s sort of a sermon to each other; we declare... more

Wednesday, Jan 7 2015 | InFaith

It started out looking like it was going to be a terrible Christmas Eve – our son, daughter-in-law, and their daughter in Chicago, and our daughter here in California had to work, so it was just... more

Monday, Jan 5 2015 | rodsblog

Will 2015 be a year of complacency, compromise, or CHANGE?

A new year is here and this is an awesome opportunity to establish our priorities that will determine the person we will become in... more

Tuesday, Dec 30 2014 | InFaith

In this post from 2011, Ridge urged us to live a life of love. How can you love others better during the upcoming year?

Ephesians 5:1-2 says this: “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly... more

Friday, Dec 26 2014 | InFaith

This post is not in any way meant to pass a negative stereotype on any people, but to comment on the idea expressed by the common phrase “there are more chiefs than Indians.” In other words, there... more

Thursday, Dec 25 2014 | rodsblog

Dear friends,

As we near the end of 2014 and at the end of a fantastic Christmas season, the Collins family would love to wish you all a very merry Christmas. We love you and we love... more

Tuesday, Dec 23 2014 | InFaith

In this post from the archives, Ridge reminds us of the opportunities this season brings:

We all have heard sermons on keeping Christ in Christmas and finding the real meaning of Christmas... more

Sunday, Dec 21 2014 | rodsblog

Here are 7 things that you may want to know about Christmas Eve @ Sanctuary:

1. Hospitality with warm beverages are on the house.

2. You and your guests will want to come early... more

Friday, Dec 19 2014 | InFaith

I was flying back from Europe, and I was looking out the window of the airplane flying over France and Belgium. It crossed my mind that about seventy-five years ago, these were occupied countries... more

Tuesday, Dec 16 2014 | InFaith

It’s Monday morning, and I’m beginning a thirteen-lecture series on life management at Holsby Brunn in Sweden. It’s a great Torchbearers school. It’s been here for fifty years or so, and it’s done... more

Friday, Dec 12 2014 | InFaith

Every Christmas, RobAnne and I have the same debate. I like colored lights. I like joy, color, and all kinds of cool decorations. She likes white lights. I don’t mind blow-up Santas, manger scenes... more

Tuesday, Dec 9 2014 | InFaith

I fly a lot on United Airlines, and because of that I have gotten certain privileges – upgrades, more frequent flyer miles, and a better selection of seats in coach as a reward for giving United... more

Friday, Dec 5 2014 | rodsblog

Yup, that’s what I said.

This is a blog about how to give a painless injection. Well, kind of.

People FREAK OUT about being hurt by an injection.   Especially when going to the... more

Friday, Dec 5 2014 | InFaith

We just spent the first holiday with any grandchild since Flora was born six months ago. (She is our first grandchild.) It was a crack-up: all we did was watch the baby. We sat around and watched... more

Tuesday, Dec 2 2014 | rodsblog

Last Friday night I drove out to Redlands from Orange County to see a local football game and to visit my close friend Greg Stone who was in the hospital at Loma Linda University Medical Center.... more

Tuesday, Dec 2 2014 | InFaith

As you are shopping and buying Christmas gifts for your friends and family, take a break to consider these thoughts from the archives:

Recently I was looking at a list of donors to our... more

Sunday, Nov 30 2014 | rodsblog

Well, Black Friday speaks of crazy sales and that Christmas is coming very quickly.  And its going to be an amazing Christmas season at Sanctuary.

This Sunday we are celebrating a special... more

Thursday, Nov 27 2014 | InFaith

Ridge is spending time with his family this week. Please enjoy this post from the archives, which reminds us of the reasons we have to give thanks.  

Maybe I’m getting old, but the... more

Tuesday, Nov 25 2014 | InFaith

I am one of the few people in the world who still carries a Franklin planner, the paper version of many electronics. It’s a calendar that I use to plan my week and my day. It keeps my to-do list... more

Friday, Nov 21 2014 | InFaith

Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you” (NIV).

The second part of this chapter is all about how we need to be... more

Tuesday, Nov 18 2014 | InFaith

I love what it says in Ephesians 4:18-19, talking about the Gentiles: “They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to... more

Friday, Nov 14 2014 | InFaith

Gary Inrig was the senior pastor at Trinity Church of Redlands for years. RobAnne and I attended that church for about ten years and very much enjoyed the wisdom, the power, and the depth of the... more

Tuesday, Nov 11 2014 | InFaith

Unless you’ve gone to sleep for the past month, you know we’re having a world-wide war against Ebola. This virus is so violent and powerful that we really don’t know how to control it, so all the... more

Friday, Nov 7 2014 | InFaith

This week I got to speak to about 100 international students at the Torchbearers’ school in Schladming, Austria. There are five things I want to tell you about this week.

One: I want to... more

Tuesday, Nov 4 2014 | InFaith

I was reading through Job and came across two verses in Job 32 and 33. The first one, Job 32:8 says, “But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding” (... more

Friday, Oct 31 2014 | InFaith

This week I am speaking at Taurenhof Bible School in Schladming, Austria. It is something I do every year, being involved in the ministry of Torchbearers. I love the fact that there are a hundred... more

Thursday, Oct 30 2014 | rodsblog

1. Over the past seven years, we have seen God move in a great way in the life of this church and the people of Sanctuary. People coming to know Jesus, hundreds baptized, broken people mended,... more

Tuesday, Oct 28 2014 | InFaith

One of my favorite stories in the whole Bible is David and Goliath. What I love about that story is that David, who’s not part of the army and is just delivering food to his brothers from his... more

Friday, Oct 24 2014 | InFaith

Sensitivity is a core attribute that a person must have. Without sensitivity, all kinds of things go wrong. For example, we need sensitivity to pain so we know when to stop doing things that hurt... more

Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 | InFaith

The Internet has been down in our neighborhood for about twenty-four hours, so I’ve had to spend most of my day at a coffee shop in a shopping mall – a very large shopping mall in Glendale,... more

Sunday, Oct 19 2014 | rodsblog

Hey Everybody,

Every once in a while I feel compelled to tell a story. Today is such a day.

I was blown away by something that happened at church today. Well, it was actually what... more

Friday, Oct 17 2014 | InFaith

One of my favorite people in the whole world is Harry Roach. He is one of our former regional directors and has been a sounding board, an encourager, a cheerleader, a mentor, and just a good... more

Tuesday, Oct 14 2014 | InFaith

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression, but sometimes we “start out on the wrong foot” and we never recover. It just doesn’t work out right.

Last winter, I had an automobile accident where I... more

Friday, Oct 10 2014 | InFaith

Recently I heard a devotional that centered on a passage of Scripture in Galatians and specifically on Galatians 3:3. It says this: “After you started with the Spirit, are you now finishing up... more

Friday, Oct 3 2014 | InFaith

I heard a sermon recently about following Jesus and how following Jesus is radical and costly. We all have to be totally in and can’t hold any part of ourselves back. The speaker used a really... more

Thursday, Oct 2 2014 | rodsblog

This week I have been preoccupied with the Ephesians 2:1-10 message that is blowing up inside of me. I hope you can make it and bring a friend. I am talking on “What it Means to be a... more

Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 | rodsblog

I would spend my every waking hour reading, but that is not realistic given my current responsibilities… but here are the books I recently bought and I am looking forward to reading.

... more
Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 | InFaith

If you’re reading my blog, you’ll know that we had a baptism serviceat our church, but let me tell you a little background. There was a man there who really desired for me to baptize him, but I... more

Friday, Sep 26 2014 | InFaith

Every year, our church, Sanctuary Church in Beaumont, California, does a baptism service in the lake up at Forest Home on a Sunday afternoon. We all go to church, and then about 3:00 we gather for... more

Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 | InFaith

I got an emergency phone call from American Express last Tuesday night saying that my card had been compromised. Sure enough, when I got online, I saw some charges that I didn’t make. We all know... more

Friday, Sep 19 2014 | InFaith

Last Saturday, I was in an all-day strategic planning meeting for Door of Hope, a shelter for homeless families in Pasadena, California. I’m on their board, and I just love what they do. I love... more

Tuesday, Sep 16 2014 | InFaith

One of our people recently was frustrated with prayer meetings. They seemed to be boring, redundant, nothing more than a list of things to ask God for, and all about us and what we need. She found... more

Friday, Sep 12 2014 | InFaith

I was at an area fellowship, a time when people who serve on the field get together to enjoy each other’s company, tell stories, encourage one another, and pray together. It’s really wonderful.... more

Tuesday, Sep 9 2014 | InFaith

Proverbs 9:10 says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (NIV).

I was thinking about the time when I was most afraid. RobAnne and I were at a conference in Seoul, South Korea,... more

Friday, Sep 5 2014 | InFaith

This past weekend I got to spend a little bit of time with my granddaughter, Flora, and something took place that really spoke to me. My son, R.W., and I were lying on the floor, and Flora was... more

Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 | InFaith

A few years ago I had a mentor who really spoke wisdom into my life. There are so many things that I’m doing now that I can relate back to Bob and his wise words to me.

He used to say... more

Friday, Aug 29 2014 | InFaith

I want to tell you, last Saturday night I had a wonderful time with my wife, RobAnne. She and I went out on a good, old-fashioned date. We went to a movie and dinner, and we had wonderful... more

Tuesday, Aug 26 2014 | InFaith

There’s a special relationship between dad and daughter. I get it with Barrett. I love her interactions with me, which are much different from those she has with other people because I’m her dad.... more

Saturday, Aug 23 2014 | rodsblog

Hey Everybody,

Here are the top five things on my mind…

#1 STARTING POINT IS TOMORROW! I am looking forward to gathering with all of you who are coming to the Starting Point... more

Friday, Aug 22 2014 | InFaith

Last Friday night I went on a police ride-along with Jeff Dillon, a good friend of mine. The ride-along was in San Bernardino, which is one of the toughest areas in Los Angeles. I was expecting to... more

Tuesday, Aug 19 2014 | InFaith

This morning I was reading in Ephesians 3:14-19. It says this: “For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom His whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of... more

Friday, Aug 15 2014 | rodsblog

Its been great to be back from summer break and I have been so fired up to see all of the great stuff happening at Sanctuary. We have a new ministry center with 4,000 square feet for our offices... more

Friday, Aug 15 2014 | rodsblog

Last Friday night I went on a police Ride-Along in San Bernardino. I was on the streets from around 7-10P and it was a wild experience.

Our first call was going to the ER at St. B’s... more

Friday, Aug 15 2014 | InFaith

Isaiah 42:3 reads, “The LORD will march forth like a mighty hero; he will come out like a warrior, full of fury. He will shout his battle cry and crush all his enemies” (NLT). Today I was having... more

Tuesday, Aug 12 2014 | InFaith

Bob Mathieu has served with InFaith in the southeastern area of Washington, D.C. (the Anacosta area) for forty years. He lives in an African-American neighborhood, pastors a church that is... more

Friday, Aug 8 2014 | InFaith

Sitting on my desk to be signed and notarized is a grant deed from our mission to a church in California, as we are going to give them the church building where they currently meet. I am so... more

Tuesday, Aug 5 2014 | InFaith

I’ve been doing some thinking recently on what the Bible says about work – why we need to toil with our hands and why we need to do these difficult things called “days of work.” Work is one way we... more

Saturday, Aug 2 2014 | rodsblog

Hey Sanctuary,

I hope you are having an awesome summer! This summer I was able to enjoy lots of fun and some fantastic time with my family. We were able to get away to Lake Tahoe and... more

Friday, Aug 1 2014 | InFaith

Last Friday night, RobAnne had a s’mores party and a campfire around our backyard fire pit with thirty-one ladies from our church. My job was to cook the hamburgers and to clean up while the... more

Tuesday, Jul 29 2014 | InFaith

The Department of Motor Vehicles (or the DMV, as it’s called in California) has to be the worst system in the entire world. When I had to get my license renewed, I had to go back and stand in line... more

Friday, Jul 25 2014 | InFaith

I love the book of Proverbs. I love how it gives so much hope to us Christ-followers. For example, in Proverbs 10:3, it says, “The Lord will not let the righteous go hungry but thwarts the craving... more

Tuesday, Jul 22 2014 | InFaith

Psalm 34:18 is one of my favorite verses in all of Scripture. It says this: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (NIV).

When I look back over... more

Saturday, Jul 19 2014 | rodsblog

Dear Sanctuary Family,

This Sunday one of my favorite communicators will be speaking at Sanctuary. Dr. Ridge Burns, who is currently the executive director of In Faith, formerly American... more

Saturday, Jul 19 2014 | rodsblog

I love to read and learn and so here are some books I am reading:

1. The Psalms of the Bible: I have been taking 3-4 Psalms a day and reading them S-L-O-W-L-Y. I read and pause and ponder... more

Friday, Jul 18 2014 | InFaith

The longer I live and more I learn how God wants us to live on this planet, I understand that love needs to be the absolutely most important thing that we share with each other and the world.... more

Tuesday, Jul 15 2014 | InFaith

Our granddaughter, Flora, is now six weeks old. We got to spend three days with her, our son, and his wife. It was so much fun just being with the baby, watching the baby, and watching my wife,... more

Saturday, Jul 12 2014 | rodsblog

Over the years there have been a host of exceptional mentors that have intersected my life. The wisdom and insights that I have gained are so immensely important on a personal and pastoral level... more

Friday, Jul 11 2014 | InFaith

The other day I was waiting for a breakfast appointment. When I got to the table, I was fairly close to a table of three men who were obviously co-workers. They were talking about work. The issue... more

Tuesday, Jul 8 2014 | InFaith

Again, some thoughts from Camp Grace in Douglas, Wyoming:

As I said in my previous post, Camp Grace is a seventy-nine-year-old, one-week camp that takes place in Wyoming. The great thing... more

Sunday, Jul 6 2014 | rodsblog

Hey Sanctuary,

Did you feel the earthquake today! That was a real shaker!

Its great to be home again after a two week mission outreach to Natuvu Creek, Fiji with my middle son... more

Friday, Jul 4 2014 | InFaith

I had a wonderful experience last weekend at the state fairgrounds in Douglas, Wyoming, at a camp called Camp Grace. This camp has been running for seventy-nine years, and during that time,... more

Tuesday, Jul 1 2014 | InFaith

The great prophetic chapter of Isaiah 11, where it talks about the branch from Jesse, says this in verses two to three:

The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom... more

Friday, Jun 27 2014 | InFaith

I’d like to recommend a great book called Pastors at Risk by Charles A. Wickman. It’s published by M.J. Press, copyright 2014.

Charles Wickman was a great encouragement to me in the early... more

Tuesday, Jun 24 2014 | InFaith

I think all of us at one time or another have heard a sermon or talk that says we need to be present with our spouses and kids. We can’t be thinking about something else and conversing with them... more

Friday, Jun 20 2014 | InFaith

RobAnne and I were driving to catch an airplane in southern California, and we were in Burbank. We were turning left onto a major street, and RobAnne said, “Did you see that? Did you see that?”... more

Tuesday, Jun 17 2014 | InFaith

InFaith has a very distinctive objective: We only work in the United States. That’s all we do. We focus all of our attention and our resources on our own country. We attempt to be as focused as we... more

Monday, Jun 16 2014 | rodsblog

Dear Sanctuary family and friends,

I hope that the message on Sunday for all the dad’s this past weekend was one to inspire, challenge, encourage and bless.

We gave away 400... more

Friday, Jun 13 2014 | InFaith

On May 21, just a little over three weeks ago, our son, R.W., and his wife, Whitney, had our first little granddaughter. Her name is Flora, and she weighed almost eleven pounds at birth! So... more

Tuesday, Jun 10 2014 | InFaith

If you read my last post, you’ll notice that I’ve been reading Thomas à Kempis. This is what he says about being weak:

Lord, I am nothing, I can do nothing, I possess nothing in myself that... more

Saturday, Jun 7 2014 | rodsblog

This Sunday we have the privilege of hearing from Pastor Armando Garcia as we continue through the sweeping story of the bible (Chapter 19, The Story) which is an abridged version of the New... more

Friday, Jun 6 2014 | InFaith

Thomas à Kempis in his book, The Imitation of Christ, says this: “You will find in your ‘closet of prayer’ what you frequently lose when you are out in the world. The more you visit it, the more... more

Sunday, Jun 1 2014 | InFaith

About forty young men are part of the class I’ve been teaching at Capernwray Hall, and they asked me to come to a guys’-only meeting at 10:45 p.m. in Room 23 of Capernwray Hall. It had been a long... more

Saturday, May 31 2014 | rodsblog

This Sunday I am feeling very pumped up about bringing a message entitled, “God’s Plan for Your LIfe” from the book of Daniel. I believe it will be one of the most challenging... more

Friday, May 30 2014 | InFaith

I’m in England this week, speaking at Capernwray Hall. It’s about 180 students from all over the world. I love coming here and having the opportunity to interface with these students.

... more

Tuesday, May 27 2014 | InFaith

It’s budget time here at InFaith. It’s kind of a funny time. We have to think ahead – way ahead. We have to anticipate what’s going to happen, what kinds of emergencies we might have, how much... more

Friday, May 23 2014 | InFaith

As I sit at my desk, I look at a bookshelf with a triangular flag that was presented to me by an Army officer at the burial of my father. My father served in World War II in the South Pacific, and... more

Tuesday, May 20 2014 | InFaith

My guess is that most of the people reading this blog know what the sinner’s prayer is. It’s what pastors and preachers do at the end of a service when they want people who have raised their hands... more

Friday, May 16 2014 | InFaith

Sunday I was preaching on Mothers’ Day, and I was using a bunch of phrases that God says to moms, like “I love you,” “I need you,” “I know you,” “I will listen to you,” and “I will teach you.” One... more

Tuesday, May 13 2014 | InFaith

This morning I was reading in 2 Corinthians 4 that we are treasures in jars of clay. That really means that even though our bodies, our outward appearances, the world around us, and our... more

Saturday, May 10 2014 | rodsblog

Dear Sanctuary family,

Mother’s day is almost here and something we like to celebrate big. It’s a day to encourage, pray for and remember moms. Every mom.

This includes... more

Friday, May 9 2014 | InFaith

One of the great privileges I get is to preach the Mothers’ Day sermon at our church. It’s my favorite sermon of the year. I enjoy encouraging the women – the moms – about what God is doing in... more

Tuesday, May 6 2014 | rodsblog

1. Big reminder to all the guys, Mother’s Day weekend is coming up in a four days, May 12′th. I don’t think there’s anything moms would rather love more than to attend... more

Tuesday, May 6 2014 | InFaith

I’m sure if you’re a Christ-follower, you’ve said to people from time to time, “I’ll be praying for you,” or you’ve shared a prayer request about something that’s happening in your life and the... more

Friday, May 2 2014 | InFaith

A couple of days ago, I was flying back to Philadelphia from California. It was a brand new airplane. If you’ve flown recently, you’ll know that the design of seats on airplanes is beginning to... more

Tuesday, Apr 29 2014 | InFaith

Isaiah 55 is often called an invitation to salvation that is offered freely to all. It’s an amazing section of Scripture, where God speaks about who He is and His relationship to His people,... more

Friday, Apr 25 2014 | InFaith

Recently, RobAnne and I had a three-hour layover in the Denver Airport. To kill some time, we decided to walk over to another concourse to see what restaurants they had. As we were sitting,... more

Tuesday, Apr 22 2014 | rodsblog

I am still so moved with gratitude for what we experienced over the weekend.

One man emailed me about his experience at Sanctuary on Sunday. Here are a few of his words…

(at... more

Tuesday, Apr 22 2014 | InFaith

At our mission’s conference in Sandy Cove, North East, Maryland, we were surprised by a couple of huge concussion booms. I was leading a meeting when one boom shook the room, and I said to one of... more

Friday, Apr 18 2014 | InFaith

In The Message, Psalm 133:1 says, “How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along!” By saying “brothers and sisters,” he’s not talking about our nuclear families, but about the... more

Tuesday, Apr 15 2014 | InFaith

In Joshua 23:14, Joshua is just about to die, and he’s giving his last charge to the Israelites. This is what he says: “Now I am about to go the way of all the earth. You know with all your heart... more

Monday, Apr 14 2014 | rodsblog

We are entering the most important time of the year for followers of Jesus.

This is the week in God’s story that redefined and changed the course of history of everyone who would ever... more

Monday, Apr 14 2014 | rodsblog

On Friday, April 9′th I spoke about my dad at my dad’s memorial service.

There was nothing that could prepare me for this day. I prayed. I pondered. I processed. I did all the... more

Friday, Apr 11 2014 | InFaith

My guess is that few people who memorize Scripture make Joshua 12 their number-one choice to memorize. It’s simply a list of kings the Israelites defeated by the power and might of God’s army and... more

Tuesday, Apr 8 2014 | InFaith

The Second Commandment is about idols. God says in Exodus 20, “Do not make idols.” An idol is anything that tries to form an image of God with material things.

The Bible talks also about... more

Friday, Apr 4 2014 | InFaith

Let’s face it – if you live in the United States of America or in another First-World country, you are, on global standards, rich. If you have a car, a house, or your own bed, you’re rich. If you... more

Thursday, Apr 3 2014 | rodsblog

Last night at about 9 pm I kissed my dad on the forehead and said good-by for the last time.

Richard M. Collins, my father, passed away at 78 years young.

He was a great man. A man... more

Tuesday, Apr 1 2014 | InFaith

We all know great brands – Apple, Ford, Coca-Cola, General Electric – great brands that have been carefully crafted to be part of our world. I like those brands.

Have you ever thought about... more

Saturday, Mar 29 2014 | rodsblog

Hey I want to thank all of you who have been praying for my dad, Dick Collins, who has brain cancer.

Since Thanksgiving, I have been with him most days, traveling to the City of Hope, UC... more

Friday, Mar 28 2014 | InFaith

I’ve been working in some situations where people need a safe place where they can talk, share, be honest, and reveal some things that are impeding their growth in Christ and their ability to do... more

Tuesday, Mar 25 2014 | InFaith

Someone recently told me of a great adage. He said, “You need to look at your life and decide what the three things are that only you can do.”

If you’re a mom, what is it that you can do... more

Thursday, Mar 20 2014 | InFaith

Recently, I’ve been involved with a couple of really sticky situations where people have done wrong. They’ve cheated and deceived people. It just is not a very good environment.

Some people... more

Saturday, Mar 15 2014 | InFaith

I’ve just completed a twenty-three-day trip, the longest trip I’ll take this year. It’s a trip that included leaving the country, being involved in our Home Office, and several other shorter trips... more

Wednesday, Mar 12 2014 | InFaith

I had an interesting experience this week. I ran into a good friend, someone I respect. I value my relationship with this person, but the heaviness that my friend is carrying right now was... more

Saturday, Mar 8 2014 | rodsblog

1. CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS! Don’t forget to set your clock ahead 1 hour Saturday night. Then Sunday morning have your Red Bull or coffee in hand to be ready to worship at 10A.

We might be... more

Friday, Mar 7 2014 | InFaith

Monday our office was closed because of the snowstorm. It’s the fourth day that I’ve been in Philadelphia when snow, ice, or inclement weather has closed the office.

While I love the people... more

Tuesday, Mar 4 2014 | InFaith

I was in church yesterday, and a word was given that reminded all of us that Paul, for the most part, signed his letters, “Grace and peace.” He wanted that to be the last thing that people would... more

Sunday, Mar 2 2014 | rodsblog

Have you heard about the new SON OF GOD movie?

I’m also really excited about the new SON OF GOD movie that was just released. I am encouraging all of the Sanctuary family to attend... more

Friday, Feb 28 2014 | InFaith

If you are a follower of my blog, you know I am a crier. I can cry at the drop of a hat, usually over something good – people winning medals at the Olympics, Hallmark commercials, people achieving... more

Tuesday, Feb 25 2014 | InFaith

Every once in a while, I run into somebody who’s made a decision that seems so right, so thoughtful, and so considerate that I wonder why I didn’t think of it first. That happened to me this week... more

Friday, Feb 21 2014 | InFaith

I’m in Germany this week, speaking at Bodenseehof Bible School, part of the Torchbearers’ ministry. I get to speak about 100 students from all over the world – and to help them, listen to them,... more

Tuesday, Feb 18 2014 | InFaith

In Psalm 145:8-9, it says, “The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made” (NIV). That is amazing! I wish... more

Thursday, Feb 13 2014 | InFaith

I fly quite a bit, and sometimes the hours seem to go slowly on airplanes. In fact, there are times I begin to feel a little claustrophobic. I begin to think about how many people sat in the chair... more

Tuesday, Feb 11 2014 | InFaith

I’ve been thinking about the section of Scripture that says we are to be known by our love for one another, that it’s this idea that we think the best about each other. We find what is good about... more

Monday, Feb 10 2014 | rodsblog

I want to invite you to join me and the Sanctuary Family and friends in a spiritual journey we have begun in The Story as we experience every major story in the bible.

We are kicking off Ch... more

Friday, Feb 7 2014 | InFaith

I’m involved in a couple of situations that are the results of conflict. People can’t get along; they have different perspectives, different views, and different ideas of what needs to take place... more

Tuesday, Feb 4 2014 | InFaith

I bought some new earbuds the other day. They’re really great; they’re noise-cancelling. I flip the switch, and suddenly, all the ambient noise around me is silenced. I can hear clearly the music... more

Friday, Jan 31 2014 | InFaith

Our son, R.W., and his wife, Whitney, are pregnant with our first grandchild. It’s a girl – a granddaughter! How fun it is going to be to watch them parent and deal with what all parents have had... more

Tuesday, Jan 28 2014 | InFaith

Almost all of my world is English. We speak English at home, I live in a (mostly) English-speaking country, I watch English-speaking TV, and I listen to English-speaking radio. I am immersed in... more

Saturday, Jan 25 2014 | rodsblog

The past couple weeks I am continually reminded of the great impact reading The Story is having on so many people. Many people are reading the bible who have never read it before. People... more

Friday, Jan 24 2014 | InFaith

I have several people in my life who text me prayers over my smartphone. They come at all times of the day, and I can tell they’ve been thinking about me. They write prayers about my ministry,... more

Tuesday, Jan 21 2014 | InFaith

If you read my last post, you know that I was in an accident right before Christmas. It was an accident that caused me to have a broken bone in my neck.

What’s amazing is God’s protection... more

Sunday, Jan 19 2014 | rodsblog

The past two weeks have been amazing as we are reading The Story – God’s Word – together as a church family. We talked today about Abraham and how God takes the most unlikely... more

Friday, Jan 17 2014 | InFaith

One of the great truths of Scripture, found in Isaiah 43, is that God does not remember our sins. He forgets them. We can relive them, rethink them, re-experience them, all with the result of... more

Tuesday, Jan 14 2014 | rodsblog

Do you want to discover God’s plan for your life in 2014?

If you are new or thinking about church for 2014, I would like to invite you to come to Sanctuary this Sunday. Why? We are... more

Friday, Dec 27 2013 | rodsblog

I want to wish a God blessed New Year to Sanctuary and all of our family and friends everywhere! We thank God for you and love you and pray that you have a tangible sense of Jesus’ presence... more

Tuesday, Dec 24 2013 | rodsblog

1. Come Early. There’s great music before service outside in the patio to enjoy.

2. Keep inviting. There are two services at 3 and 5P. We have Danny Ray sharing the Christmas... more

Friday, Dec 20 2013 | InFaith

The Christmas season is a time to think about giving – giving presents, giving affirmation, giving value to people. I have the privilege of leading an amazing group of people, about 170 of them... more

Wednesday, Dec 18 2013 | rodsblog

Christmas has a way of reminding us that we are more broken that we ever dare to admit.

Christmas is a pronouncement that we could not fix our problems. We could not solve the mess that is... more

Tuesday, Dec 17 2013 | InFaith

One of the things that I enjoy when I am all by myself is to put on my headphones, open my Bible to a psalm, and worship God. I like it because I can sing out of key, I don’t have to worry about... more

Friday, Dec 13 2013 | InFaith

Since it’s Christmastime, we hear a lot about joy, and many of us think a lot about what brings us joy in life. I thought it might be good for me to write down what it is that brings me joy.

... more
Tuesday, Dec 10 2013 | InFaith

I’ve had a lot of knee surgeries, particularly in my right knee. After five surgeries, I look at my leg and say, “I have a lot of scars!” Those scars are memories of past events, of cartilage that... more

Friday, Dec 6 2013 | InFaith

Jesus, in Luke 18:15-17, talks about children and how we need to come to the Kingdom of God like little children. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have childlike faith, and there... more

Tuesday, Dec 3 2013 | InFaith

I just got a new mattress. It’s soft and cushy. It remembers things with foam. It’s great.

Part of the reason I got a new mattress is because I read on the Internet that we spend 1/3 of our... more

Friday, Nov 29 2013 | InFaith

I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s mystery and how He interacts with us. We tend to want to make God controllable, to place Him within boundaries we can understand, boundaries we know. To have... more

Tuesday, Nov 26 2013 | InFaith

I think sometimes we forget what a great privilege it is to be able to be redeemed and have our sins washed away by the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Listen to Psalm 5:1-8 (NIV):

Give... more

Friday, Nov 22 2013 | InFaith

Just outside the window in my office in Philadelphia is a very old tree, and it’s wonderful. It’s big, it’s an oak tree, it has lots of branches, and it provides shade and some relief from rain in... more

Tuesday, Nov 19 2013 | InFaith

Our church is preaching through the book of Daniel, and the first five or six chapters of Daniel are pretty fun to preach on – there’s Daniel in the lion’s den and interpreting dreams, the king,... more

Friday, Nov 15 2013 | InFaith

One of the great opportunities I have as the leader of a mission organization is to hear the dreams, visions, and passions of our people. They want to share the gospel in new and creative ways.... more

Tuesday, Nov 12 2013 | InFaith

Our church is preaching through the book of Daniel. Toward the end of the book, the prophecy, dreams, and interpretation of dreams become a little confusing. I’ve been doing a little study on... more

Saturday, Nov 9 2013 | rodsblog

This past week I had the opportunity to serve on jury duty .  I was thrilled.   I drove down to the courthouse.

I walked to the courthouse where they do STRIP SEARCH and passed through... more

Saturday, Nov 9 2013 | rodsblog

Beyond Thankful

That’s right.  I am beyond thankful.  I mean it.

I am beyond thankful for what God is doing through the generosity of Sanctuary Church.

This upcoming... more

Friday, Nov 8 2013 | InFaith

If you watched the news last Sunday, you’ll know that there was an attack in Terminal 3 at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). It shut down the entire airport for about ten hours and Terminal... more

Tuesday, Nov 5 2013 | InFaith

Earlier this week, I went to the AT&T store to buy a new phone for my son. We went together, and he got a brand-new iPhone. It is the most recent edition and has all the features. His... more

Friday, Nov 1 2013 | InFaith

I was watching the World Series the other night and thought to myself, This isn’t the World Series! It’s the United States Series! There are leagues in Japan, the Dominican Republic, South America... more

Tuesday, Oct 29 2013 | InFaith

I’m sitting in my office in Philadelphia, watching our neighbor rake the leaves. People don’t actually rake their leaves here; they blow the leaves into a pile, and then somehow, some way a big... more

Saturday, Oct 26 2013 | InFaith

Every once in a while I like to read a series of books I have, John Wesley’s Journal. John Wesley kept a running commentary on what was happening in his life and his preaching schedule during his... more

Tuesday, Oct 22 2013 | InFaith

Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve had the opportunity to pray over many people – our field staff, our Home Office staff, some people in our church, some Bible school students. I would like... more

Friday, Oct 18 2013 | InFaith

Last week I taught a series of thirteen lectures on the Ten Commandments, which I regularly teach at Torchbearers’ Bible schools. I’m always surprised which one is the most difficult one for young... more

Tuesday, Oct 15 2013 | InFaith

There’s a lot of debate about what the center of being is – the soul, the spirit, or the heart. Certainly from a physical standpoint, the heart is the center. It pumps the blood; it keeps its... more

Friday, Oct 11 2013 | InFaith

A couple of months ago, my good friend, the director of the Tauernhof Bible School in Austria, died in a paragliding accident. Over the dozen years that Hans-Peter and I had a relationship, he... more

Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 | InFaith

Being on a team that gets along, works well together, and accomplishes things is a marvelous gift. Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, talks about getting the right people in the right seats... more

Sunday, Oct 6 2013 | rodsblog

This past Wed. one of the great men of our generation, Pastor Chuck Smith, went home to be with the Lord.

When I was 17 years old, I attended his church for the first time. Actually, it was... more

Saturday, Oct 5 2013 | InFaith

Please give me permission for just a bit to speak about my children: Our son, R.W., and daughter-in-law, Whitney, have been married two years last Thursday. When I think about their wedding, I... more

Tuesday, Oct 1 2013 | InFaith

Last weekend I was taking a flight from Ontario, California to Spokane, Washington to attend an area fellowship with some of our field staff. I had to change planes in Denver. I spent my time... more

Friday, Sep 27 2013 | InFaith

I’ve made a commitment to read through the Sermon on the Mount every day for a month, and it’s amazing how my mind keeps stopping on the same sentences. It’s like God’s wanting to teach me... more

Tuesday, Sep 24 2013 | InFaith

Last month, we bought a new car – a brand new car. We bought a Subaru, and now that I own I Subaru, I notice how many there are on the road. I never before noticed them near our house or near the... more

Tuesday, Sep 17 2013 | InFaith

Recently, I’ve been involved in four situations that involve conflict between people. They’re not major – they’re just irritants – but they need to be solved, and I’ve had to spend a fair amount... more

Saturday, Sep 14 2013 | rodsblog

Hey Sanctuary!

Tomorrow is our baptism at Lake Mears at Forest Home in Forest Falls. We will have maps at the service tomorrow. EVERYONE IS INVITED.

Its going to be an amazing day... more

Friday, Sep 13 2013 | InFaith

One of the magic moments of riding a bike trail from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. was having a finish line. It was going to be the White House, but the traffic and inconvenience of trying to... more

Tuesday, Sep 10 2013 | InFaith

My son; his wife, Whitney; and I just rode the Great Allegheny Passage, which goes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. – about 350 miles. The first part of the path is an old train... more

Tuesday, Sep 3 2013 | InFaith

Often in a situation I need to be sensitive to certain cultures, doctrines, or lifestyles. I don’t want to offend people; I don’t want to be disruptive or cause the external to create internal... more

Monday, Sep 2 2013 | rodsblog

Hey Gang!

Wow… summer went by FAST! I had a great summer taking my two younger songs to Zambia and Zimbabwe and working in schools, orphanages, feeding villages, playing soccer and... more

Friday, Aug 30 2013 | InFaith

In a couple of days, my son, his wife, and I are going to attempt to ride from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC – about 350 miles – on what is called The Great Allegheny Passage. I’ve been riding my... more

Tuesday, Aug 27 2013 | InFaith

The last line of the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables says this: “Life has killed a dream.” If you know the movie or have seen the play, you know it’s the story of a revolution. Many... more

Wednesday, Jul 17 2013 | rodsblog

What are you doing this summer? I was in Colorado last week at the Deer Valley Guest Ranch in Colorado. My youngest son Jordan and I had an amazing time riding horses, river rafting, and fishing... more

Friday, Jul 5 2013 | rodsblog

Six years ago I sat in a living room in a Beaumont home praying and sensing that the Holy Spirit was leading us to start a church. I had no idea where we would meet after our little bible study... more

Sunday, Jun 30 2013 | rodsblog

We all love summer. We have longer days. HOTTER days. We have more days for vacation, days at the beach, short trips, getaways, and a chance to slow our pace.

For the next six weeks,... more

Friday, Jun 21 2013 | rodsblog


Hey Sanctuary,

Welcome to Summer! With graduations behind us and family vacations ahead of us, we are gearing up for our best summer ever at Sanctuary.

Here is what we... more