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Go Beyond

God is up to something special at Sanctuary.

Go Beyond Building Campaign

The Sanctuary family has been asking for years when we would have our own property and church building. That moment has arrived! 


In 1 Chronicles 22:19 God says, “Begin to build the sanctuary of the Lord…”

This is what God is calling us to do!

We will be building a sanctuary where the community and God can meet. A place for the heart of the community to encounter God, a place where people come to the knowledge of Christ and stories of life change will go on for generations. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about these next four weeks we get to spend together in this Go Beyond adventure. I think this is the most important month of messages in the history of our church! Why? Because these next four weeks at Sanctuary are going to define the next 20 years as we have officially entered a new season as a church. 

This new season is one where we will be building our future home. Currently we live with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over our heads. Last month we had to move off campus with only a day’s notice. 

God’s timing is perfect in how He has provided us with 4.5 acres of prime property where we can create our future home when we remodel an existing building.  

God is up to something special at Sanctuary

The original Go Beyond vision is straight from the heart of God through the words of Jesus. 

  • Go Beyond is the next chapter in our story God is writing.
  • Go Beyond is a defining moment waiting to happen.
  • Go Beyond is the journey God is taking us on to our new church campus.
  • Go Beyond is an epic opportunity and go beyond is an adventure. 

Go Beyond means...

  • We Go Beyond in our love.
  • Go Beyond in our service.
  • Go Beyond in our sacrifice.
  • And Go Beyond in our generosity.

Go Beyond will stretch us and go beyond will shape us. Go Beyond challenges us to move past what is comfortable and what is convenient. Our best life is waiting to happen when we say yes to Go Beyond. We will never regret when we say yes to Go Beyond. Go Beyond will change us, change our community and change the world.

If you wish to make a gift online, you can do so from our website

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